Enjoy a range of Team Building Activities at Camp Glamp. Email info@campglamp.ie for more details and to book an activity.

team building activities at camp glampMountain Challenge Team Building Adventure

Half Day or Full Day Adventure. Set in the heart of the spectacular Wicklow Mountains you’ll enjoy the best scenery the Mountains have to offer. After an initial briefing, your group will be divided into a number of smaller teams and then compete on a number of fun teambuilding challenges and activities on the mountainside. Points are awarded accordingly. Flexible times. Prices and more details available on request.


Crystal Maze Fun In Wicklow Jail

The mission is to escape from a real Jail! How do you do it? Get as many keys as possible by completing the Crystal Maze type challenges, collecting keys and solving the clues. Times: 17:00 to 19:30. Prices and more details available on request.

Rock Climbing In The World Renowned Dalkey Quarry

Overcome your fears, push your boundaries. Rely on the belay team on the ground Belaying is a critical part of the climbing system. A correct belaying method lets the belayer hold the entire weight of the climber with relatively little force, and easily arrest even a long fall. Facilitator Pascal Pascoe has deep experience in looking after large groups of corporate and workshop goers Paul always has the clients best interests at heart and is there to help facilitate their experience and help them to grow and learn with respect and confidence. Duration: 3 hours, flexible times. Prices and more details available on request.

Tree Climbing In Bray

Explore the magnificent high trees in Killruddery House and Gardens from the ground to the highest branches, perfectly safe and secure with certified climbing gear and the help of your belay team on the ground- Facilitator Pascal Pascoe. Duration: 3 hours, flexible times. Cost: 50EUR per person. More details available on request.

Crime Scene Investigation

Solve a Dastardly Murder. A unique compete for performance that will have your group solving a murder case. Add a lot of humour and a little good, honest police work and you have a killer event. Actors will play a range of diverse and highly entertaining character, sure to get your group laughing and keep them engaged throughout the performance. Our actors will guide you in tracking down and interrogating witnesses and deciphering clues, collecting forensic evidence, solving puzzles and presenting your case to the chief inspector! Duration: 3 hours, flexible times. Prices and more details available on request.

Company Olympics

A Team Event with a wide range of activities to choose from, including relay races, inflatable games and competitive challenges. Guests are divided into teams with their own tea names and coloured bibs. All teams complete simultaneous on different stations. Half day or Full Day. Flexible times. Prices and more details available on request.